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We focus on all vehicle kinds, with car service mortdale care, and repair being our main goals.

Log Book Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for improving engine performance. A logbook is typically provided when you purchase an automobile in order to maintain records of all inspections and servicing. It offers a thorough outline of how and when your car should be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer. Using a logbook service is an option for both new and old autos. As part of our logbook servicing, your vehicle will be inspected in line with the manufacturer’s specifications, which may include:

  • Stamping a logbook
  • Maintaining your new car statute of limitations
  • Inspection in great detail as requested by the manufacturer

Small Repairs

All vehicles are eligible for our minor servicing, which includes:

  • Moderately engine oil up to 5 liters Oil filter
  • thorough 86-point examination
  • battery evaluation
  • Check and replenish ALL fluid levels.
  • Reset the auxiliary lights

Fleet Maintenance

From small passenger cars and sedans to light stiff trucks and small buses, we provide commercial servicing for all makes and models. Whether they have a few or a lot of vehicles, all fleet clients receive negotiated rates, priority service, and pick-up and delivery of their vehicles

Tuning an engine

Your engine can be tuned, the fuel injectors cleaned, the fuel lines inspected, and the inlet air system cleaned. Performance and efficiency are both increased by using all of these services.


We offer transmission replacement and repairs.

Exhaust and Muffler

We may look for leaks or other damage in the exhaust system, and we can swap out any broken components. Any defective components in the exhaust pipe can affect the effectiveness and performance of your automobile.

System for Cooling

We can identify any cooling problems with a heater pressure test, hose inspection for leaks or breaks, coolant level checks, water pump checks for cracks or cracks, and any necessary belt adjustments.

Disc Repairs

For all kinds of vehicles, we provide a complete repair and replacement service.

Affordable auto service in Sydney

We are a one-stop auto shop that has been in business for over 20 years and provides high-quality auto servicing, mechanical repairs mortdale, smashing repairs, tires, and vehicle rego inspection services.

To be on the cutting edge of auto repairs and be able to work on all major Japanese and European automobiles, we hire highly experienced experts and extensively invest in employee training.

The truth is that with time, automotive parts deteriorate, accidents occur, and eventually, cars require mechanical repairs.  We are a fully licensed one-stop technical repair center if you ever find yourselves in need of a vehicle repairer.

We make significant investments in our employees’ technology training and provide them with cutting-edge diagnostic check systems. Vehicle diagnostic tests examine data transmitted by your car’s microprocessor and eliminate all uncertainty. To get your car back to its pre-accident state, our technicians precisely assessed and recognized the issue.

No mechanic repairs are performed unless the client has approved the work in advance. We commit to giving you, the perfect experience with car service mortdale and to making sure you leave our shop smiling.


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