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A senior lawyer with the legal obligation to certify and testify to documents meant for use abroad is known as a notary public in Melbourne. We can check your originals and provide advice on how to complete international paperwork.  We also attest, witness, verify, and certify your original papers as part of our legal services. When it comes to creating, finishing, and witnessing papers that you intend to use abroad, you could need our assistance. For official reasons, including local and international government, we can offer a variety of legal acts. For identification purposes, we can also certify reproductions of original papers.

Why Using a Notary Public is Important to Protect Your Legal Interests

At Eugenia Mitrakas in Melbourne, we strive to offer reasonable notary public Melbourne fees that are specially suited to your situation, enabling you to legally certify and attest to the authenticity of your documents while also adding an additional degree of security. It is crucial to evaluate the variety of advantages notary public services can provide for your situation at reasonable costs, including:

Legal Validation

We ensure that your documents are notarized so that they are legally binding and enforceable in court. This is done with the assistance of our experienced notary public. This is particularly important for legal documents like contracts, deeds, and wills.

Identification & Verifying

In order to guard against potential fraud and misrepresentation, a notary public must confirm the signers’ identities and ensure that they are doing so voluntarily and without coercion.

Professional Experience

We are trained and licenced to notarize documents, and we are aware of the legal requirements for doing so. Our notary public services are inexpensively available throughout Melbourne. You can get professional advice and get any queries you might have concerning the notarization procedure from Eugenia Mitrakas.

Effectiveness & Dependability

A notary public is familiar with all the nuances that must be taken into account when looking to certify documents in Melbourne and can handle them without any unnecessary delays impeding the process. You can also be confident that we will endeavour to give you the right verification for your papers if you rely on our notary public.


Eugenia Mitrakas offers reasonable notary public Melbourne fees based on the type of documentation you need notarized and any additional legal counsel required to successfully advance your case. For a little cost, you can have your documents legally binding by having them certified.

Because of economies of scale, our notarial practise is able to maintain a very competitive pricing structure. We take satisfaction in offering a cost-effective notarial service that enables us to rapidly notarize documents and get paperwork validated for use abroad. For more information please contact: mitrakas.com.au

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