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Architecture is the profession where one had to perform certain duties altogether. For example this profession includes designing, construction and planning of building or other types of structure. Being an architect a person has to be creative and has to have wide imagination as the work requires you to be innovative and to create a bigger picture in mind to make something out of a small and plain into a beautiful and aesthetic place. You can use your imagination as much as you want and they create a blend of art, beauty with the modern science and create a living for the people with an environment which will e loved and provide ease and comfort to every individual. The following types of architects are mentioned below,

1) Residential architect: They deal with creating designs and contracting with other builders and carrying a plan to build the customers vision and give life to it. They will make sure you get the dream house of yours which you have planned for years and they will make your dream come true. The house designs or construction plans will be supervised by the residential architects.

2) Commercial architects includes the building or creating designs for the offices, malls or restaurants etc. Therefore the design and construction will be a lot different than of the homes and other residential areas. As it is for the public, the design and the measurements of the building, the construction plan everything will differ but that is what the architects are for they are here to minimise the burden for you and make sure that everything goes as per planning and in a very organised way.  

3) Restoration architect: They are specialized in understanding the importance of the monuments or ancient statues and other structures. They have done enough research and have developed a higher level of understanding of how the building should be constructed so to preserve the structures within it.

4) Interior designers: Some architects might want to pursue their career as an interior designer. They will have to create new ideas and be more creative towards the planning the designs for the interior. The styling and mixing art and colours together will be done by the architects.

5) Landscape architects: They mostly work on the exterior designs and planning of the house for example playing with the designs of garden and giving it a more lively and mesmerizing look. The landscape architect in northern beaches have vast knowledge and greater experience in turning and giving a simple look a more spectacular and aesthetic look, the landscape architects  will have a well thought plan for your area and will make it more nature lively, elegant or whatever your preference will be. Thus choosing a good landscape architect will benefit you in every way and will promise you with quality work.

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